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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mid Century Modern Home for Sale - Indianapolis

Mid Century Modern house for sale in Indianapolis, IN.

9250 Kinlock Drive, Indianapolis, Indiana 46256


Built 1965

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I've personally toured this home. A couple times. I'm fascinated by it. The site it sits on was hand-plucked from the Mid Century Modern site selection gods. It's up high on a well-wooded hill, overseeing the neighborhood. It's kind of magical.

The MCM movement was all about blurring the lines between nature and the built environment. This home gets it right.

Walking through the abode, you're going to see things you'll want to improve - from a Mid Century Modernists puritan's perspective. But the potential in this place runs deep. With a halfway decent eye for design and aesthetic this place could be transformed into an Atomic Ranch worthy house.

Just look at this living room. Imagine with me... Swap out the flooring. Paint the walls. Throw some art on it. And impeccably arrange your finest pieces of Mid Century Modern furniture. Now tell me that wouldn't be a killer sight.